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Is it premature to rezone land at Wilton New Town?

No. There has been a long history of collaboration over plans for Wilton New Town, which were developed over many years in partnership with the landowners, the council, the NSW Government and the broader community. In particular, landowners have been working closely with the council and other stakeholders since the 2012 Wilton Junction master plan was adopted.

Through this collaboration overall plans for state and local infrastructure were agreed with all parties, and it is on this basis that offers by the landowners for state and local infrastructure were made.

Will rezoning affect koalas?

The biodiversity in the area will be protected through the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016, which provides a framework and tools to avoid, minimise and offset impacts on biodiversity through the planning and development process.

There has been an extensive and ongoing process involving all levels of Government so as to ensure bushland corridors are maintained and connected with the large-scale biodiversity conservation areas of the region.

No koala habitat will be removed and where appropriate, strategies are in place to protect koalas, including the construction of special koala fencing to stop koalas entering harm’s way by moving into urban areas near or across Picton Road.

The approach aligns with the NSW Government’s NSW Koala Strategy, released on 6 May 2018, which sets out actions for the first three years of a longer-term vision to stabilise and increase koala populations across the State. The approach to koalas will also be considered through the finalisation of the Wilton Interim Land Use and Infrastructure Implementation Plan by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment.

Will rezoning affect the environment?

Wilton New Town will be delivered based on the following principles:

  • Minimise environmental harm on important natural features such as water quality in the Nepean River, air quality and local biodiversity
  • Healthy by design principles
  • 100kms of walking and cycling trails, almost half of which will be through open space and conservation lands
  • Rehabilitate and retain bushland (currently around 620 hectares)
  • Preservation of Aboriginal and early Australian heritage.

Studies completed, as recently exhibited by the Department of Planning and Environment, have succeeded in achieving a test of adequacy by the Department and its agencies.

Will infrastructure be delivered and will it be coordinated?

As part of the landowner’s strong commitment to infrastructure, more than $500 million will be invested into the new community to fund essential infrastructure.

This will comprise $178 million for State infrastructure, including major road upgrades, a public transport interchange, a road network that provides for efficient bus operation, two new public primary schools and a new public K12 school. The Department of Education has agreed to the provision of a site within the town centre suitable for the construction of the public K-12 school. This will be made available in Stage 1.

There will also be a lake, playing fields and a private K-12 school established beside the Lakes Precinct in the first stage of Wilton North, as agreed between Bradcorp and the Anglican Schools Corporation.

In addition, around $350 million will be invested into local infrastructure including local roads and parks, community facilities, and a local aquatic centre, with a focus on the co-location of major community facilities within the new town centre.

The NSW Government ensures the coordinated delivery of infrastructure through legally binding voluntary planning agreements with the landowners.

Further infrastructure will also be delivered in accordance with the NSW Government’s Interim Land Use and Infrastructure Plan

What about public transport and a train service?

The NSW Government’s Greater Sydney Commission’s Western City District Plan identifies as a priority for the Government “transport initiatives that include…passenger train improvements south of Macarthur to support growth at Wilton”.

Under plans for Wilton New Town, freight and rail corridors will be preserved and there will be strong connections with major centres and infrastructure nodes in Western Sydney, including the future Western Sydney Airport, Sydney’s Priority Growth Areas, future M9 Orbital and Western Sydney Employment Area.

Wilton New Town will not fetter the use of the Maldon-Dombarton rail line for either freight or passenger services. The town centre master plan will provide for convenient access to any railway station in the Maldon-Dumbarton rail corridor.

The interim Transport Management and Access Plan also proposes an extensive network of bus routes, pathways and cycle ways connecting to the internal employment areas and school. There will be a bus interchange in the town centre and bus access to Picton, Campbelltown and Wollongong with regular peak services commencing early and increasing to every 15 to 20 minutes as the population grows.

Will there be health services or a hospital?

The town centre master plan that is being developed jointly by the council and the Department of Planning and Environment has identified a site suitable for the construction of health facilities. The site will be made available in Stage 1.

The Wilton North Precinct will include a Health Precinct as part of its Activity Hub.

Landowners are collaborating with the council and Department to establish health services early in the development of Wilton New Town, to service the new and growing community and also to provide employment opportunities. Funds will be provided toward the lands for a Regional Integrated Community Care Centre.

Furthermore, Bradcorp has also indicated its willingness to identify and reserve a site for a private hospital for a number of years and to proactively seek private developer interest.

Will there be enough jobs?

It is expected that Wilton New Town will provide 11,000 permanent jobs in retail, education, healthcare, social assistance and public administration. There will also be around 1,700 construction jobs for 30 years.

There is intended to be 200 hectares of town centre and enterprise lands, together with commercial retail and community floor space, supermarkets, discount department stores and neighbourhood retail centres. This will be confirmed by the Department of Planning and Environment.

Wilton New Town will represent a $7 billion investment in Wollondilly over 30 years.

The employment and economic development strategy for Wilton New Town needs to be understood in the context of the Government’s productivity strategy for the Western Parklands City and South West Sydney in particular.

The future of employment in Wollondilly is inextricably linked with the structural change for the Western Parkland City that will be driven by the 30-minute City Strategy, Western Sydney Airport, the Aerotropolis, Western Sydney Employment Lands and the emergence of Campbelltown as the major region City.

The Western Sydney City Deal between all three levels of Government encourages investment in the Western City by investing $5.3 billion in the Airport, providing a Western Sydney Investment Attraction office and an NSW Attraction fund, and encouraging local training and education opportunities.







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