The NSW State Government’s vision for Wilton in 2040 is a place where families are thriving and businesses are flourishing. The town has grown sustainably with a strong natural environment, and jobs leveraging the town’s location relative to Wollongong and the new Western Sydney Airport.

The town has excellent access to services and connections to infrastructure reinforcing Wilton as a place where families can live, work and play. Wilton is recognised as the leader in housing diversity. Wilton is a home for all.

The vision will be realised over a 20 to 30-year time frame.

The landowners in Wilton New Town wholeheartedly agree that Wilton New Town needs to be supported by significant investment in key infrastructure including public transport and roads, new schools, access to health services and plenty of jobs and have advocated this view for many years.

Their plans will make for a self-supporting garden city providing homes, employment and facilities that represent the very best town planning and place-making principles.

As part of this strong commitment, more than $500 million will be invested into the new community to fund essential infrastructure. This will comprise $178 million for State infrastructure, including major road upgrades, a public transport interchange, bus-only roads, two new public primary schools, a new public K-12 school, a private K-12 school site, local playing fields and a recreational lake. In addition, around $350 million will be invested into local infrastructure including local roads and parks, community facilities, and a local aquatic centre.

Local Jobs and Economic Development

  • 11,000 permanent jobs in retail, education, healthcare, social assistance and public administration
  • 1,700 construction jobs for 30 years
  • 200 hectares of town centre and enterprise lands, together with commercial retail and community floor space
  • Supermarkets, discount department stores and neighbourhood retail centres
  • $7 billion investment in Wollondilly over 30 years.

Housing Diversity

  • 12,000 houses across the site
  • Housing diversity, from first home buyers to retirees
  • Detached housing on a range of lot sizes, townhouses, villas, apartments and shop-tops
  • A focus on affordable housing – meeting the needs of the region.


  • Fibre connection to the National Broadband Network
  • “Work from home” and remote access to services.

Environment and Wellbeing

  • Harmony with the existing natural environment
  • Healthy by design principles
  • 100kms of walking and cycling trails, almost half of which will be through open space and conservation lands
  • Conserve ecological features and biodiversity
  • Rehabilitate and retain 620ha of bushland
  • Preservation of Aboriginal and early Australian heritage.

Health and Education

  • Two primary schools
  • One public K-12
  • One private K-12
  • 4 Childcare centres
  • Space for medical practitioners and allied health services.


  • Neighbourhood: the heart of every community
  • Neighbourhoods will be connected and accessible by foot, cycle and public transport
  • Multi-function lake and aquatic facilities
  • Leisure centre, sports fields and recreation centres
  • Library and community centre.

Transport and Infrastructure

  • $178.5m for State roads, transport and social infrastructure
  • Upgrade to Hume Highway and Picton Road Interchange
  • Upgrade of Picton Road
  • New public transport interchange in the town centre and associated park n ride facilities.
  • Retention of a heavy rail corridor for future Government-funded rail line


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