Governors Hill Indicative Master Plan

Governors Hill is preparing a rezoning application to lodge with NSW State Government in the near future.

At heart of the Governors Hill land will be the Wilton New Town strategic town centre.  This will form the principal centre for Wollondilly Shire featuring:

  • A mixed-use town centre ‘heart’ adopting contemporary urban design anchored by a vibrant main street and town square
  • A wide range of retail and commercial facilities to supplement existing services in the Shire’s villages and towns
  • A mix of housing types and densities overlooking a well-designed ornamental lake suitable to form a recreational hub for Wilton New Town
  • A public transport (bus) interchange with direct connectivity to Picton Road and Hume Highway
  • Cycle and pedestrian paths
  • Sites for a wide range of civic, health and community facilities including a public K-12 school and medical services. These sites will be delivered early in the development.

The current draft master plan responds to, and fully supports, Wollondilly Council’s proposal for amendments to the Town Centre design resolved at its meeting on 19 December 2016.


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